We make use of the fastest dedicated wireless licence reader available on the market. Extremely operator friendly and there is no time delay having to wait for camera focus.

Real-time view of the visitor access log from all scanners on site showing location, vehicle registration, ID or visitor card number, as well as entry and departure times.

Customers have the option to participate in Access Track’s Community Policing initiative whereby SAPS gain visibility of vehicles that are registered on the SAPS circulation database for possible involvement in crime or crime related activities.

Access Track provides pro-active monitoring of data feeds from all sites and scanners as part of an all-inclusive Service Level Agreement providing customers with a peace of mind solution.

Replace your traditional hand-written access book with an easy-to-use and cost effective hand-held license scanning solution to collect visitor information.

What is Integri-Register?

An easy-to-use and cost effective Electronic Visitor Information Management system aimed at replacing traditional access registers that is suitable for use at any access control point which includes Office Parks, Buildings, Factories, Schools, Public Events and Residential Estates.
Integri-Register is a Software-as-a-Service application making it quick and easy to implement with no server, network or computer hardware requirement. It provides instant access to essential management information and reporting while allowing you to collect and manage visitor identification information securely and efficiently.
The system makes use of user-friendly wireless handheld scanners to take photographs and to collect information from the encoded barcodes of driving license cards, vehicle registration disks and barcoded ID documents. The scanner provides instant decryption which allows Access Control Officers to perform immediate visual verification of identification and vehicle information.Access to collected information is limited to authorised personnel only and the stored information is securely destroyed based on retention policy.